Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ready to Serve

Monday, February 17, Landon was set apart as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints by our Stake President, President Galt.  We went over to President Galt's home at 6:00 with the family and Mama and Papa Carroll.  It was a special evening with Landon.  President Galt asked Mama and Papa to bear their testimonies, and Landon's Mom and Dad as well.  It was an evening filled with the spirit and tears as testimonies were shared.  President Galt shared some counsel for Landon.  He based his thoughts on some scriptures found in the Doctrine and Covenants.  There are numerous verses that talk about opening our mouths and sharing the gospel.  D&C 33:8-10, D&C 24:12, D&C 30:11, and D&C 30:5.  All of these scriptures have the phrase "open your mouth" in them.  If we open our mouths the words will come.  We will be blessed with the right words to say in order to share the gospel.  He encouraged Landon to not be afraid to "open his mouth".  We all need to take a lesson from that...not just the full-time missionaries.

President Galt then set apart Landon to be a full-time missionary and to carry the title, Elder Carroll.  He blessed him with safety, energy, and the ability to learn the Spanish language.  He blessed Landon's mind that it would be open and be able to remember what he is being taught.  He blessed Landon to be able to use his talents to share the gospel, specifically his musical abilities.  He encouraged him to use his music to help invite the spirit.  It was a beautiful blessing and now Elder Carroll is officially ready to serve!  He turned over his phone and had to start following the rules of a missionary.  What a great young man who is ready to be obedient to the mission rules, ready to learn, and ready to teach the people of North Carolina about Christ!
Elder Landon Carroll with President Andy Galt
We all were blessed to be able to be a part of this important day in Landon's life.
After returning home we devoured some Egg Casserole, Landon's last dinner request before heading out on his mission.

It was late in the evening when the actual suitcase packing began. We had everything gathered in piles, now we just had to get it in suitcases. It seemed like there was a ton of stuff to pack and I was a little nervous that we wouldn't get it all in. We worked carefully, using every inch of space in Landon's suitcases, including all the special zipper compartments. After what seemed like hours, we finally were able to close the suitcases and be done. 1:00 am wasn't too bad of a bedtime! Landon seemed pretty calm and definitely for his new adventure of a lifetime. My boy was ready. With an early wake up call ahead of us, we headed off to bed.

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