Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What a Week

June 16, 2014

Hello Friends and Family!

There's a lot to talk about this week so buckle up and enjoy the ride!

So Monday was just your average preparation day, but Tuesday was a lot of fun and an adventure. We went biking around Southern Pines to try and find people to teach. All we did was teach a couple of less actives that we came across. Even though we didn't find anyone new to teach, I sure enjoyed biking around in the 102 degree heat. Ha! Pretty hot huh?

Wednesday we did some weekly planning, but were unable to finish because we had an early dinner with the Howell family. They're Alabama fans, so naturally I felt a little out of place there, haha. I was just trying not to make any snide remarks about Alabama and the people that go there. So that's good! It was a yummy dinner. They're a great family. Later that night we taught English class to Irma and Fausto again. It went well! We helped them with English, and they helped us with Spanish. One thing I've been working on for a while is being able to roll my r's consistently. It may take a while to sound like a native in doing it. I just try to really practice it during my language study each day. I'm getting there! Afterward, we played some basketball. It's such a big stress reliever for me. When you're playing, you don't think about anything but where the ball is and the hoop. So it's super fun! I was draining everything. That always feels nice.

Thursday was another great day. We mobilized the mission again, not for Elder Anderson this time, but for Elder Corbridge of the Seventy. He gave the talk about Joseph Smith and the Restoration this past conference. So that was our Zone Conference. He taught so well, very blunt, but very helpful. He told us some things that will really help us. One thing that really stood out to me as that if we truly TRULY understand the doctrine, there will not be any hesitation in teaching. If we do our part in studying the doctrine, the words will come to us. We will not have to worry about what to say, because we already know what to say. He also talked a lot about the law of chastity, and how important it really is. Because the Lord has bestowed upon us some of His creation power, we are to hold it as sacred and holy. The relationship between a man and a woman is ordained of God, and a man cannot receive his full potential without the companionship of a woman, and vise versa. I don't know why he would be talking about marriage with missionaries, but it just really stuck out to me how important it is to get married in the temple so that we may receive our divine potential.

Later that night, we had dinner with the A family. We brought Travis Scrivner. He's 24 and he served his mission in Peru. He has a Ford Raptor, so that was fun to ride in. So we taught the A's the lesson before we ate. We really wanted to stress the importance of reading the Book of Mormon and praying. "I" gets it, but F does not. We need to approach this a little differently next time. We need to find out what he really wants in life. Something the Zone Leaders taught me the other day is that the easiest way to relate to Book of Mormon directly to someone is to find out what their big goal in life is, and tell them that the Book of Mormon, along with Gospel, can help with that. So we'll try that next time! Anyways, dinner was delicious. Sister A is an amazing cook. She made us some pork with salsa made from cactus and Jicama(Hibiscus). Fue muy rica!

Friday we got to help with the U.S. Open! We have some hookups in the ward, so we were helping out a man named Tim St. Germane with Pinehurst village, which is a little smallish town that just happens to connect to the course! Our assignment started from 3 and ended at 8:30. We had to reserve parking spaces for some VIP's coming in for the governor's reception. It was super fun! I loved being able to talk to people and attempt to share the Gospel. We had to wear a uniform, but we still got to wear our name tags so we got a lot of questions. I talked to one man who moved up here from Atlanta. He asked me what I was doing and what church I was working for. So I explained about my mission and what I do. Then we got on the topic of sports. He asked me if I played any. I told him basketball. So then we talked about basketball and the finals for like 15 minutes. Then the topic of "what makes your church different" came up. So I taught him about the Restoration and authority and the Book of Mormon. He was super interested! I offered to help him with his yard, so hopefully he gives us a call soon! So dad, that's why it's important to keep me updated with sports. So I have a way to relate to some people! That contact/lesson would not have gone as well without that relationship. So anyways, we continued helping people find places to park and talking with various senators, etc. It was really fun. There was a big screen with the U.S. Open playing on it, so I was able to take a few glances at the leader boards. That's what we call a "tender mercy." Sounds like the Open was super exciting. Who was it, Dustin Johnson who got a hole in one on the 9th? Crazy! So that was Friday. When we were done working, Tim gave us a couple of collectible coins for our service. They have the Pinehurst coat of arms on one side and U.S. Open 2014 on the other. Cool little treasure! I'll send pictures of it later, along with the uniform that we wore.

Saturday we went up with Brother Williams to Robbins to find a place to have a weekly English class. We talked to some Peruvians that own a little tienda and they told us to go to the city hall and talk to them. The city hall was closed so we'll come back tomorrow. Later that night, we helped with the U.S. Open again! We were kind of doing the same thing, but instead of helping park cars, we were helping to park people. We were what they call "Pinehurst Village Ambassadors" So we stood by the place with the big screen and directed people and passed out maps. The event tonight was 100 bagpipers from Scotland! It was so cool! I have a video, so maybe I'll get that to y'all somehow. We met the mayor of Pinehurst, who commended us for our service. That was kinda cool. This was just a super fun night. I liked interacting with lots of different types of people. There were a lot of people from England, so that was funny. I took lots of pictures. I'll send those later.

Sunday was a normal Sunday. I got to pass the Sacrament! There weren't enough deacons. That was exciting and refreshing. It was Elder Perse's last day in Pinehurst, so I helped him take pictures with families. He says he's gonna miss Pinehurst, and I don't blame him. This place is just awesome. So many good people, and as you've seen from the U.S. Open and the pictures I send, it's just absolutely beautiful. I'll definitely be coming up here again after my mission. Hopefully with my dad so he can be in golf paradise!

Well that was my week. It was certainly a good one. I loved helping with the Open. That was just so cool! Hope y'all have a good week and I hope you had a good Father's day as well.

Until next week,
-Elder Landon Carroll

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