Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fixin' to Pick Up the Work

July 7, 2014

Que pasa amigos?

Pues this week was fun and interesting. The work is slow right now, but this week was evidence that it's fixin to pick up.

Monday we just cleaned and finished up with the trailer. We're done with that abomination! If you look at the pics, you can see that it doesn't scream "missionary" but rather "apostasy." Just glad to be out and moving on. It's nice being in a new place. Kind of refreshing for the work. Now we're able to work a different part of the area.

We had some miracles this week that I want to share. So there's a Hawaiian Ice place that recently appeared near where we live. We went and got some cause it was like 95 and we were on bikes. So we stopped in and ended up talking to a man named Ming. He's Samoan. He told us an incredible story about how he has a rare bone condition and that he had surgery, so basically from the chest up is completely metal. He has like 40 screws, and 7 fusions in his neck. Crazy right? Well we ended up inviting him to church and everything and he said he would come. He said he wasn't satisfied with his church. Well the next day Elder Murphy and I went on exchanges and went by to see him. We just kind of checked in and talked a little and then left. Here's where the miracle comes in. We were eating at the ward 4th of July breakfast and President Chandler, the stake president came up to us to talk about....Ming! President Chandler is an Anesthesiologist and met him at a pain clinic on the 3rd. He says he actually did his Anesthetic four years ago during his major surgery. Then while at the pain clinic, he had the impression that he needed to share the gospel with him. So finally Ming was like "we need to meet up some time and talk about my condition." President Chandler said "well I'll either be here or at my church so you can find me." Ming asked what church and President Chandler told him. Ming said "That's the church I'm going to on Sunday! Two nice young men invited me to come!" So he came to church and says he cried three times during testimony meeting and he's not even a cryer! President Chandler says he wants him baptized by August, so we'll get on with that! Although he speaks English, we'll still take some part in his conversion. I'm excited to see him as a member!

So in the Spanish department of things, most of our appointments cancelled this week so we weren't able to do much. It's hard to schedule appointments with Hispanics because they NEVER KNOW THEIR SCHEDULE. It's frustrating, but we deal with it. So Max and Alberto, the brothers I told you about last week came to church! They said they've gotten turned away from other churches because people don't welcome them, so we made sure that didn't happen! The great thing about it is that the Pinehurst ward is fantastic and we didn't have to do much introducing. That's how it should be! If you see a new person at church, make them feel welcome! It's what Christ would do! So Max and Alberto absolutely loved church. They said they're coming back every single week. Score! We just need to teach them now. Shouldn't be a problem. They're good guys and they actually have schedules.

So this week I noticed a big improvement in Spanish. It's amazing what happens when you just open your mouth. I spoke a lot more fluently this week. What I do know in Spanish comes out really well. Understanding, especially on the phone, is the hardest part for me. Understanding people on the phone is so hard for me. But I'm working on it! It takes practice!

We were also able to go up to Robbins to place a few more fliers and make the final preparations for the English class. It starts this Friday so pray that people come! I'm excited and hopefully we can get some members up there to help us out.

Well I am running out of time so I have to close, but this week I really took a turn in my feelings about my mission. I just love it now and I've kind of got that "I want to do this for the rest of my life" attitude. It's just so rewarding. You could have the hardest day with 105 degree heat and 5 cancellations, but you have even ONE lesson and it's all worth it. This is a joyous work and it brings me a lot of joy.

Hope everyone has a great week!

-Elder Landon Carroll

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