Saturday, September 6, 2014

Last Week in Pinehurst

This family had a collection of stuffed otters that the Elders just had to have their pictures taken with.

September 1, 2014

Good morning everyone,

Sorry I'm writing a day late this week. It was Labor day yesterday, and we have permission to email on Tuesday so we can get more done on preparation day.

So for starters I'll tell you the big news. I'm getting transferred next Tuesday! President called me last Wednesday before district meeting to tell me that I would be training in a three man. Could be super challenging working with two other missionaries, or it could be amazing. I'm just hoping I get along with the other trainer so that we don't pull the greenie's hair out. I'm hoping we're on the same page as far as training goes too. So with this, I'm super excited for some change to happen, but I'm also really sad considering we have 5 baptisms this month. That's okay! They're still my baptisms (well technically the Lord's), I just don't get to be there to perform or witness them.

So with that, M and A are almost ready for baptism. We have a lesson with them tonight to wrap up a little, and then hopefully their interview tomorrow sometime. I can't tell you enough just how amazing these two guys are. So humble, so ready, so Christ-like.  Sunday at church they had to leave early. A came up to us and told us: "I'm sorry I have to leave today. We have to go work so we can help pay for the bills of a man who has cancer. He's been out of the job for two months and he has a family of 5, so we have to help him." They're literally giving up most of their paychecks just to help out this family that they barely even know. They plan to, if necessary, let the family move in to their (M and A's) apartment while M and A live with a friend. Like, they're not even members yet, but they do all this stuff that the church teaches. We suspect that their dad might have been a member or something. Whenever we teach them, they understand everything well, and they say it's because their parents taught them everything.

As far as R and K go, they're still progressing nicely. Their focus is on the temple and Eternal Marriage, and they want it bad. So we taught them the Plan of Salvation this week and they understood everything well. They're happy to hear about how we make mistakes in life, but because of Jesus Christ, we can overcome all of them and be made clean. They'll be baptized on the 20th.

This week in general we visited a lot of members, did a lot of service, and played a lot of basketball. MY call must be inspired or something, because I get to play a lot here. It's actually a really great way to find investigators. You go into the ghetto or wherever the court is, you play a pickup game, and then you share the gospel after you beat them. Simple as that.

We also had a ward activity Friday night that we attended. We all met at a park and barbecued, played basketball, ultimate Frisbee, and softball. I was super fun, and it wiped me out. 

Yesterday we got to play some more indoor soccer with some of the youth and members. We just play in the gym. It's super fun! I love bouncing the ball off the walls and stuff, and it actually gets really competitive. Maybe a little TOO competitive at times. But I enjoyed it.

So that was my week in review. I hope to finish out strong with Pinehurst and somehow manage to take pictures with all the members. We'll see how that goes haha.

-Elder Landon Carroll

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