Sunday, February 15, 2015

Crazy Week

February 2, 2014

Good morning,

This week was exceptionally crazy. We moved apartments, had some exchanges, took Jack Holloway out to eat again, helped the sisters move apartments, and had some more success, despite all the business.

So we moved apartments because our landlord, a member, had a smaller apartment for us and he had a client who needed the extra space of our apartment. We had three bedrooms and a massive front room, but we didn't need any of that space. So we moved to a smaller, one bedroom apartment, and it's actually a lot nicer. We made it super homey! So that took up most of our week. Between the cleaning and the moving and the organizing, we had our hands pretty full. Then on Saturday we helped the sisters move as well. And we didn't even get paid.

On Tuesday we took Jack out to eat with us again. He's the one that we visit that lives in a nursing home. He's fifty years old, but he has the mind of a ten year old. You can't help but love him. So we took him to help us with a lesson, he bore his testimony, and then we went to Hong Kong City, a Chinese buffet. I'm not the biggest fan of those cause frankly they make me sick, but it's what Jack wanted so we went. He filled up on their fried chicken. I attempted to not fill up on too many fried donuts. Whoops.

On Wednesday I went on exchanges with Elder Valencia in Dunn. We contacted some referrals, ate too much food for dinner, and then taught a few less active members. It was actually a pretty fun exchange. I really like Elder Valencia. He's super humble and I like to listen to his broken English. He's from Mexico so he had to learn it when he got here.

We also had another lesson with J. She's progressing wonderfully! We taught her the ten commandments and keeping the Sabbath day holy. She's at the point where she just accepts whatever we teach and lives it. She also made us another cake. This one was a layered Bisquick sort of cake with strawberry jelly in the middle and fresh strawberries and peaches on the top, with a pink frosting. She said it took her four hours to make that cake. She said she doesn't have anything to do, so she just makes us food whenever we come over. Her baptismal interview should be this Saturday and she'll be baptized on Valentine's day at 4 pm. Looking forward to it!

We talked to a man this week who claims he speaks 13 languages because at night his spirit leaves his body and goes to save people in other countries. This is the same man that thinks he was Moses in a past life. Ha!

But that was our week. Not too eventful, really. Just a lot of moving and packing and cleaning. But definitely looking forward to Josefina getting baptized!

-Elder Landon Carroll

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