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Gotta keep Going...

 December 28, 2015

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a very merry Christmas. I hope that you were able to feel the Christmas in the air this year and that you were able to make this season something special. It certainly was for me :)
First off, this week was wonderful. We weren't able to teach that many lessons, but we sure touched a lot of lives. We visited everyone we could before Christmas and dropped off plenty of presents and goodies. Something I've learned to love on my mission is just the joy that comes from generosity and giving. We gave a plaque with a picture of Christ and a scripture on it to a man named Mario and he said "this is the best Christmas I've ever had. Y'all just made my day." That made me feel really good. We spent the week doing things like that and experiencing lots of joy. Before my mission I didn't really know the joy of giving. But now that I do, I'm never going back.

Christmas day was wonderful. It started off with some really muddy basketball with my companion, then we came back and opened presents. I got a sweater, a UGA shirt, some socks, and a new watch! Life is good. Oh and I got one more thing for Christmas! That is, fat. I got fat for Christmas. There was no shortage of food this week. The families in the ward were especially generous. I haven't had American food like that in months. It really puts you to sleep haha. 

And of course the highlight of Christmas day was talking to my family. It was an amazing hour and a half or so. I especially loved seeing a new baby sitting on my dad's shoulder haha. What a cute little guy. And I loved being able to catch up with my family a little bit. Everyone is a little older, but nothing has really changed. We're still the same family and I look forward to the day when I can come home and be with them again.

Just a little update on the work. We had some great success at church this week. A lot of our less active members showed up and A even came! He's doing pretty well. We're really just trying to make sure he has a solid testimony and understanding of the covenants he's preparing to make with his Heavenly Father. We can't play games here. We can't baptize people that are just gonna fall away afterward. It's our job to make sure that these people are firmly rooted in the Gospel before they take the plunge.

Well, that's about all for this week. We now have to wake up from our Christmas nap and get back to work. I hope that we can have a successful week and that we can help someone progress in the Gospel this week.

Have a great week and a happy new year!

-Elder Landon Carroll
Love the little Elder Carroll Christmas ornament!  Looks just like him!

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