Monday, March 7, 2016

Last full week. Ready. Set. Go!!!‏

February 29. 2016

Here I am coming into my last full week in the mission field. Honestly, I never thought I would get this far given how difficult missions can be, but here I am. I've made it this far and there's just one more full week between me and my journey home. Oh, and a baptism of course. Isn't that exciting?

Let me give y'all an update on A. He's doing really well! He's fully prepared to be baptized on Saturday which is a big relief for me considering it's my last Saturday in the mission. Talk about clutch haha. We had a little bit of a scare yesterday at church. We got there and A wasn't there. We waited for about twenty minutes for his "ride" to come in but it never did. So we gave him a call. "A, are you coming to church today?" "I tried to get a ride yesterday and this morning, but non one answered the phone. So now I'm at work with my dad." WHAT! I was about to lose it. It was the Sunday before his baptism and he HAD to be there in order to get baptized. I told him "you have to be at church today if you want to get baptized. We can't move it back again cause I won't be here. How can you get here?" This was about ten minutes into stake conference. So we got together with A's friend F and some others and finally found a ride for him. He'd be late, but at least he'd be there. So we had F's dad go and pick him up about thirty minutes away. Super far away, but hey, he had to be here. I was so relieved when he finally walked in for the last half of stake conference. Now he can get baptized on Saturday and I can go out with a bang!

In other news, there's a dead beaver outside our apartment right next to the road. I guess someone hit the poor thing. I wish I had a picture. After much contemplation, we decided to name him Joseph. Joseph is funny. And disobedient. He never gets up on time. In fact, I don't think Joseph ever moves. He might be the laziest beaver missionary I've ever met. Every time we pull into the parking lot we're like "What are you doing Joseph?!?! It's like 4 pm!" Hahaha it's super funny. And it'll be even funnier when his body starts to rot. Yuck!

Andi n more other news, we made a roast on Wednesday! Elder Christensen and I are quite the cooking pair. We've made quite a few things together. Asian food, tacos, chicken, grilled cheese, Rice-a-roni, and even some Sister Schubert's rolls! Those went with our roast on Thursday. One of the recent converts in our ward bought us a crock pot and we have been taking advantage of it. I'm not sure what we're gonna make next. Maybe some soup? Or some yummy dip or something? We'll figure it out. I'm sure the cravings will give us a good idea.

And that's about all I have for this week. It was a good one and my main focus now is making sure to set up Elder Christensen well for when I leave and getting A into the water. Your prayers are appreciated. Please give me one more week of them so I can finish what I set out here to do.

Con mucho amor,

Elder Landon Carroll

P.S. What does a tree do when he's all ready to go? He leaves.

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