Monday, November 24, 2014

It's A Miracle!

 Landon is visiting a funeral home in this picture.  I really didn't get the story, but a little odd!
November 17, 2014

Pues....good morning!

Another week has passed in the missionary life of Elder Carroll. I can call myself that now because there's only one Elder Carroll ;) It's been a pretty good week. We didn't do too much this week, but we did witness some miracles.

I'll just go ahead and get right into it. Y'all know our investigators M and A? Well three weeks ago they were bombarded by anti-Mormon information. We thought they were gone, but the Spirit told us not to give up yet. So here's the news. M is still indifferent about the church, but A has a baptismal date for the 3rd of January! He started to read the Book of Mormon and with that I guess he forgot about all the negative things he read on the internet. In his prayer at the end of the lesson, he said "Lord also please bless my brother M. Even if he doesn't decide to become a Mormon, please help him to find the right path." That implies that A is planning on becoming a Mormon! How great is that? So we'll have hopefully a quick visit with him tomorrow and then a church tour on Thursday to really help him dive into progression. So that's the miracle for the week.

Here's a funny story. You know that man we talked to who claims he's Moses reincarnated? Well we went over to help him rake leaves on Thursday. He's under the impression that God has called him to save people's lives. He says "when I go to sleep at night, I leave my body and I go around the world to save people. I appear in their rooms as a beam of light and then save their lives. Like one time I went to the home of a woman in India. She was sitting at her desk in her office and I go and whisper to her that she needs to leave the room. So she left and then about ten seconds later a tree comes and destroys the whole room." Crazy, right? We're under the impression that he's either super out of his mind, or was visited by and angel of light (of the devil) or both. We attempted to teach him the restoration, but he thinks he's a prophet himself so we'll definitely have to approach the situation at a different angle. He said "God give me power to do things. Hopefully next month he give me power and I can bless you." So...we'll see what happens there haha.

Right now as a missionary, I'm working on building my confidence back up as a teacher. These last three weeks have been pretty hard so I'm trying to rebuild myself a little bit. Satan has a way of confusing missionaries into thinking they're inadequate, not good enough. But it's our job to push out those negative voices and do what we were called to do! That is, bring souls unto Christ!

We've been studying a lot lately as a companionship about what it means to truly be converted to the Gospel. Have you ever asked yourself if you are truly converted? Do you have no disposition to do evil? Are you constantly seeking to be like Christ? Do you constantly seek the companionship of the Holy Ghost? Are you not just "going through the motions," but actually living the Gospel with a purpose? If not, then figure out what you need to do to be more converted, and do it! (I take the liberty as a representative of Jesus Christ do do missionary work even on my family and friends. Ha!)

But that was my week. We're having a lot of success and witnessing miracles. Even though this work is hard, it's not impossible. We just trust in the Lord and keep walking.

Have a fantastic week!

-Elder Carroll
Landon thought the little geese in this picture were strange...they kind of look like some sort of turkey or hen to me.  Any thoughts from the blog readers out there?

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