Monday, March 9, 2015

More Cold and A Transfer

Landon finally found the gravesite that he's been looking for in Clinton, North Carolina.....this is where Elisha Carroll is buried.

March 2, 2015

Well it's been a cold one here in North Carolina, especially in Durham. That's where
I am now by the way. I have to say that this city is WAY too big. I never thought I'd miss Clinton that much, but I really do miss it. It's actually been pretty difficult trying to adjust to the size of this place...not to mention the melting pot of different cultures. We cover southern Durham and most of Chapel Hill, so you can imagine that sitting right between UNC and Duke would bring lots of different backgrounds of people. We've got Muslims, Hispanics, blacks, rich white people, and Asians. A lot different from Clinton where it was just a group of small-town people with a bunch of close-knit relationships. This one probably takes the cream of the crop for adjustment.

Oh and did I tell you who my old, I mean, new companion was? It's my trainer Elder Lowham! I don't know what bright idea President or the Lord has up his sleeve, but it's definitely unexpected. The good thing is we've both grown a lot as missionaries and it'll be great this time around. All I could think of when President told me who my companion would by was "what didn't I learn the first time?" So I'm hoping I learn whatever it is this time. The good thing is Elder Lowham is super good with directions and navigating, so that will definitely help me being in such a big place. I struggle with that stuff. It took me like fifteen years to learn how to get to Wal-Mart from our house at home.

But in other news, what did we do this week? Well I met a couple members and made contact with the branch president by phone, but other than that we just mostly stayed inside. I don't know about you Georgians, but we got hammered with winter weather this week. Actually it's been going on for about two weeks now. Transfer day we could barely get to Raleigh for transfers. The good news is Brother Tyndall had a truck, so we almost had now problems. The snow has been on the ground since. On Thursday we got hammered with more snow and it actually stuck quite a bit. I've probably counted over one-hundred snowmen since that day. Friday it all kind of turned into ice and rained a little bit. Saturday it melted a little bit because the sun decided to poke its head out, but later that night the rains came down and the floods came up again. This left a bunch of water on the road for the next day. Well, Sunday's forecast did not go above freezing, so church was cancelled. So President told us to make calls and tell all the branch members not to come. So then we stayed inside until it cleared up a little bit, then went out with a recent convert named Pedro. Then we had some pan dulce and called it a night. Oh and did I also mention that we're in an all bike area? Makes it real nice with this weather haha.

So overall this week we played in the snow (not really), helped some Muslims move, taught a few Hispanics (6 total lessons I think?), hung out inside, ate some rice and beans, and did a lot of area book work.

And that was it! Was definitely not the best week of my mission, but as they say "not every week is great, but there's something great in every week." Just have to try to stay positive!

Hope y'all have a good one,
Elder Carroll

Landon with A.D. Norton

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