Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Adjusting Fine

This is a picture of Landon from the inside of his trailer.  He says he has his own bathroom!

March 31, 2014

Hi yall,

Woah what? Landon never says yall! President Bernhisel encourages us to take in the Southern culture and blend in with the people. Haha not too hard for me. North Carolina is just like Georgia, just with fewer people. The ward I'm in reminds me of our ward at home. One thing that will never change is the style of old Southern ladies. They all remind me of that lady in our ward at home who had the back surgery (can't think of the name). Anyways, just like her.

Mom and Dad, the ward I was supposed to be in was all Hispanic. I got switched to a different companion because I don't have my license. One Elder in each companionship has to have a license. So the trainer I would have had was from Columbia, so he doesn't have his. So actually there are only about ten Spanish members in this ward.

This area is hard for us! There's like no Hispanics in biking distance so we have to have a car to get to the predominantly Hispanic areas. We'll have the car this week so we'll be able to get out there. We switch every week with the English Elders. So I'm hoping for some more contacts and lessons this week. Our goals, as well as the results last week, were pretty humble. We'll make up for it though!

The food here is amazing. We eat at member's homes every night. It's either Southern food or Mexican. Whatever the members decide. They mostly try to feed us Mexican because we're the Spanish Elders. The members here are awesome. Just good people that always want to help out the Missionaries. Needless to say, we feel loved. Later today, My companion and I are going fishing with a member later today. I'm excited for that! Lots of hunters/fishers in this area. Your basic NC dwellers.

We only taught one lesson last week and that's been my only experience with Spanish thus far. Other than that, I've only ever spoken with my companion in the trailor. Pray that we'll find more people this week!

I love you all. Thanks for the prayers, we need em! Missionary work is hard, but I'm adjusting just fine. I'd rather be here than in the MTC, so it's a good change!

Con amor,

Elder Landon Carroll

This is Landon's bike that he will be riding for the next two years!

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