Monday, April 7, 2014

Smooth Week

April 7, 2014


So this week was much smoother than last week. I don't even feel that green anymore. We actually got a lot of teaching this week. And the language is coming better. I feel it more each day. But I still need to study more. It's hard to get motivated when you live next to a bunch of English speaking white people. Everything is good.

So this week we had the car so we were able to travel up to a little town called Robbins where all the Hispanics live. You can't get there on bikes. It's like a 40 minute drive. Most of the Hispanics are from Mexico just here for work. Some of them speak English, but most of them are happy to hear that we speak Spanish. They're all just delighted that we want to understand them and share a message with them in their native language. We met a lot of people up there and contacted a lot. We don't really receive referrals because no one knows any Hispanics and all the English speaking people go to the English Elders. But we did find people! We still don't have any official "investigators" because we've only taught all these people once and they need more than just a talking to to become an investigator.

We met a kid named C. He's 17 and he goes to high school and plays soccer and tennis. We taught him the whole Plan of Salvation in under an hour and needless to say his mind was a little blown. He speaks English by the way. Everything seemed to fly right over his head but he's definitely interested to hear more. We'll see if we can make contact with him in the future.

We also met a kid named A. He also speaks English. Most of the kids do. It's the adults that can only speak Spanish, because they have no reason to learn English. But anyways. A is a high school dropout. He's probably about 18. He was willing to listen, but we didn't get the chance to teach him because he had to leave and we didn't get back with him until three days later. We went up to Robbins a second time and he was drunk and his knuckles were all purple and cut. So he might be in a gang or something. So we left him our number and that was it. We'll see what happens in the future. We have to have faith that people can change regardless of their current situations.

There was also another couple that we found about ten minutes before we had to leave Robbins for home. The G's are both from Mexico and were super excited that we spoke Spanish. They're both probably 55 or so and don't go to church because they can't speak English. But they were delighted to hear that we translate at our church! So we'll hopefully get up there again soon to teach them the Restoration.

Two days ago we met another family. The L family. We contacted P, the father, on the street waiting to pick up his kid (might actually be his grandkid) from the bus stop. So we waited for ten minutes and then ventured on over to their house. We taught them the Restoration. They were all mostly accepting, but P did not like that we had another book besides the Bible. So I don't think he got much out of the lesson because the whole time he was just looking in his Bible for something to combat our teachings. So we may have to reteach. But his son, who was probably like 17 or so seemed really open and has a lot of potential. We'll be sure to get up there again soon.

Robbins is an interesting town. It's really small and really poor. There's trailer parks everywhere and garbage too. But these people are happy! It's amazing that you can live so happily with so little! It's hard to comprehend. But there's also a lot of cigarettes and alcohol involved, so that's where the Gospel takes its role. These people need it more than they know. And we're here to bring it to them!

So other than that, the week was mostly uneventful. The pollen is spreading like the plague here and it's making me sneeze all over the place! But the green leaves and flowers are also a nice touch. So it's worth it.

Conference was fantastic! I've never paid so much attention before in my life! I loved it. One talk that really stood out to me was Elder Anderson's. As he said "these are your days to stand strong as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ." Also all the talks during Priesthood Session about the spread of immorality and how the world is trying to change the standards. But God never changes! His law is timeless and perfect. It doesn't matter how the world changes and how society views various commandments and such. The Lord does not change and it's our job to be examples in this dark world we live in. While society changes and Satan works to pollute the Earth with sin and immorality, the Gospel and Jesus Christ are constant. That's why it's important to stay active and ready. Keep doing the little things so that the big things don't hurt you!

Well there's my ramble for the week. Hope all is going well at home. I love and miss all of you, but I know that there's no better place I could be right now. Thanks for all the prayers and love.

Hasta proxima semana,

Elder Landon Carroll

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