Monday, May 19, 2014

Working Hard and A Little Golf

May 12, 2014

Hey Yall,

So this week was a little unproductive. We still do a lot as missionaries, but as far as lessons go, we weren't "on fire" so to speak.

Monday was Preparation Day. We went golfing! It was really fun and the golf course was beautiful. Every time I swung the club, I thought "what would dad do?" The other three Elders kept saying that no none is good at golf. I was like "my dad is." And he really is. Golf is super hard and it takes a lot of practice. I could see myself playing when I get older, but while I'm young, I'll stick to basketball :) 

Tuesday was transfers! Of course I'm staying here because I'm green :) but Elder Sohler left and now we have a new district leader. I'm really gonna miss Elder Sohler. It's amazing how fast you can become friends with someone out here on the mission. I experienced that a little bit at BYU-I, but not to the extent of the mission. Anyways, his companion, Elder Perse (He's the black elder in my pictures on facebook) is having some trouble adjusting to his new companion, Elder Wolf. So I gotta make sure I'm there for him. We're like best friends. We have the same kind of humor, so that's where we really click. I'll definitely hang out with him at BYUI when we get back.

Wednesday was interviews with President Bernhisel and District Meeting. Interviews went really well. No big deal, just a "check up." 

Thursday we had dinner with Irma y Fausto. They're investigators and we eat with them every Thursday. They're slowly progressing. Irma is such a good cook. We'll walk in and she'll be like "han comido?" No. And then she freaks out and just starts cooking stuff haha.

Friday we did weekly planning.

Saturday we ate dinner with Travis Scrivner, who is less active, and then we went and visited the Escobedo family. They're also less active, but we did some magic and got them to church yesterday! Yay!

Sunday. We went to church and stuff. The E family came and also A and his 6 year old son J. So many members reached out to A and the E's yesterday. Because it was mother's day, third our was mixed up as far as Priesthood goes, so we, and a couple of Spanish speaking members, taught A a lesson out of the Gospel Principles manual, mixed with Missionaryness of course. You could visibly see a change in A. He just looked so happy. He's almost ready to be baptized, so I'll keep you informed on that. He goes to court on Wednesday for some parole stuff, so pray that he doesn't get deported back to Mexico!
Well that was the week. I love being here in North Carolina. This place is awesome! So beautiful here in Pinehurst. I'll send some pictures of golfing and stuff. I love you all and appreciate your love for me. Thanks for the emails! They make a difference!

And HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to my mother. I love you mom and I'm so thankful for everything you do for me. You're the best! Enjoy Mexico!

Tenga una buena semana!

Con amor,

Elder Landon Carroll

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