Monday, April 20, 2015

Another Good Week

 Elder Fowers, Josefina, and Elder Landon Carroll

March 23, 2015

Well it's been another good week here in Durham. This place is a little monotonous, but the work is progressing slowly.

Let's see here....
Ah ha! So I'm sure most of y'all have seen the group on Facebook we made entitled "Project: Lose Thyself." This will be our focus for the next couple of weeks. The goal is to do as much service as possible and spread it on Facebook using the hash tag #losethyself. The idea is that with this, everyone will be able to see the love of Christ during this Easter season! So....get on there and do some service. It starts the 29th, so you have six days.

Update on investigators: We found a man named J who appears to be golden. We found him squatted down next to an apartment building using his phone. It was an awkward position to find someone in, but he seems to be elect, so we're gonna start teaching him either this Saturday or Sunday. His uncle is a member in Mexico and his friend is a member here, and he wants to see in his life the changes that he sees in his friend's.

Then there's I. I is 25 years old and was trying to go into the military, but without papers, it's a little difficult. Now that he's not pursuing that anymore, we've begun teaching him again. He says he's not interested in being baptized, but just wants to listen and learn about the religion. We have other plans for him. He's meeting with four other religions: Catholics, Jehovah's Witnesses, Baptists, and Pentecostals, so we've definitely got some competition. He said he's just looking for truth and wants to know about each one because they all claim they're "the one." We asked him if there was a different feel between each one and he said "yeah you can tell which ones are really of God and which ones aren't." Then we shared a scripture and told him that he would be able to recognize the voice of the Master when He calls. So we're gonna keep visiting and help him to gain a testimony.

A is our Cholo friend. We actually met with him Saturday and he fed us pizza. He lets us listen because he's trying to find solace from our message. We read some of the Book of Mormon and he's really enjoying it. He's gonna take work, but we can't leave him. He needs help.

We were not able to meet with our baptismal date, E, this week. He was busy with school work.

And that was pretty much our week. We worked super hard, but we weren't able to get as much success as we would have wanted. Dang Hispanics and their schedules (or lack of)! We set a lot of appointments, but nothing.

Please go on Facebook and view "Project: Lose Thyself." It'll be worth it, I promise.

Have an excellent one.

-Elder Landon Carroll

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