Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Good Morning!

April 20, 2015

Another week has flown by! It really is true that once you hit your year mark, the roller coaster begins.

It's hard to keep track of what we do every week so I'll do my best to include all the details.

Monday for preparation day we played basketball with ten other elders. It was super fun, but I'm definitely not in shape for that. My everything is sore. Except for my thighs. Those things are massive since I've started biking full time again. There's so many hills in Chapel Hill and I have no problems getting up them. An awesome bike helps a lot as well. Speaking of, my back tire is basically bald. I need a new one cause when I brake in the rain, I slide like five yards (only when I make it do that of course). But the bike is still amazing. I might even call it beautiful.

On Tuesday we headed up to what we call the thumb (because it looks like a thumb on the map). We just reopened this area after giving it away to the sisters. We gave it away my second week here because I absolutely hated it and it wasn't yielding anything. But it's proven to be effective since the reopening. I guess the dust has settled a bit. There's an investigator named Sylvina who's about seventy years old. She's super nice and says that when I read the scriptures I sound like "the voice of God." People have complimented me on that from the start of my mission. I guess it's some sort of talent? But Sylvina is great. She believes everything we say and she's definitely golden. We just need to consistently meet with her and she'll be baptized soon enough. Maybe it'll be a repeat of Josefina? That would be awesome.

On Wednesday we had a great district meeting and I went on exchanges with Elder Searle. He's from Utah. We had a great time and I enjoyed doing English work for a short time. A member took us out to Panera, so that was a nice treat.

Thursday we headed off the the Centro Hispano again and we finished organizing all the bookshelves. It's not proving to be very good for finding. In fact, I feel like a little kid doing chores. So we're probably gonna finish with what she has us doing and then pull the plug on the situation. After that, we went and ate at Pizza Hut with Pedro. Their Hershey's cookie pizza was super good. Y'all should try it!

Friday we did some tracting and ran into a couple of kids: Calvin and Angle. They're both thirteen. So we ended up teaching them a little bit. They had a bunch of crazy questions about Satan and Aliens and stuff, so we answered them and then gently taught the Restoration. We met with them again on Saturday and taught them the Plan of Salvation. I was actually very impressed with how well they comprehended everything. So we invited them to pray to know if it's true and we plan to meet with them again this week. Hopefully this will eventually allow us to teach their families.

Sunday was pretty normal. We caught a MASSIVE spider in the baptismal font. Now it's in a Tupperware and we're feeding it moths. It's pretty disgusting. I'll send some pictures.

And that was my week.
Christ lives. Come unto Him!
And that's the spider. Her name is Sally. Pretty, isn't she? She's about the size of my palm. 

And that was my week.

Christ lives. Come unto Him!

-Elder Landon Carroll

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