Monday, April 20, 2015

Good Morning

March 30, 2015


Here I am sitting in a chair writing all my friends and family and my legs are throbbing. We biked a TON this week. Up giant hills (Chapel Hill is full of them), down giant ones, through the mud, over rivers, and even in the rain of course.

Hard work and organization has been the theme of this area so far. We've definitely been working hard, but I think our organization skills and diligence are lacking. We'll fix it, don't worry!

We weren't able to meet with any of our consistent investigators this week. They were all just kind of busy. But we were able to find some new ones that have a lot of potential!

We're teaching a man named R. He's from El Salvador, Seventh Day Adventist, has time for God, and has a wife that doesn't want anything to do with us. Whenever we come to teach him, his wife just leaves and goes to a back room until we leave. And when we knock on the door and she answers, she gives us random excuses for why R can't meet today. We scheduled and confirmed an appointment and when we knocked on the door to teach him she said that he hadn't come home from work yet. Then the little girl who was with her said "he's taking a shower." So yeah, we'll be sure to communicate more with R so he can be ready when we come. Other than that, he's great. He's open, humble, and ready to learn. The only problem is sometimes he talks too much, in which case we have to sneakily interrupt him to begin teaching again.

Those are honestly all the highlights of the week as far as investigators go. We need to do better at meeting with people consistently. We'll figure it out, I'm sure. How's the weather where y'all are by the way? North Carolina has the mind of a woman-keeps changing its mind, that is. I guess she's allowed to do that. But yeah, we had great weather most of this week and then Friday it started to get cold again and then Saturday night it was down in the 20s (yes, we biked in that). It's supposed to rain all day, but at least the temperature is gonna start rising again. That will hopefully make for a great week!

Bardle doo!

-Elder Landon Carroll

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