Monday, January 5, 2015

It's Getting Christmasy

December 15, 2014


It's been a tough week, but a good one nonetheless. It's starting to get Christmasy up in here!

Let's see what happened this week...

Chel now has a baptismal date for the 10th of January. We had a lesson with her Saturday night and she seems to be really excited about being baptized. We just really need to teach her about authority again, because when we invited her to church, she said she wants to go to her church. So we'll get on top of that! We have a lesson with her tonight, so we're hoping to talk about covenants, baptism, the Sacrament, and authority along with those.

We were not able to have a lesson with Josefina this week, but we stopped by and found out she is reading and praying on her own! Yay! She didn't come to church, but we have an appointment set for this week. Hopefully she accepts baptism after having such an amazing experience at church last week!

Those are our two main progressing investigators. We finally discontinued teaching Andrew. He just kept going to Anti-Mormon sites AND reading and praying at the same time. I told him that if he kept going to those sites, we wouldn't get an answer. And he hasn't. We visited with him on Tuesday and just had him throw everything at us. All his doubts, concerns, disagreements, just everything. He really REALLY does not like Joseph Smith and doesn't believe in the Book of Mormon. He kept telling us stories of ex-Mormons, reading off articles about how Mormonism is a cult, and even tried to convince us that the Church is greedy because of how much money it has. Needless to say, none of his arguments flew, and he's just convinced we're 15 million brainwashed people. Not likely. So yeah, we dropped him. We left him with "Safety for the Soul" by Elder Holland so maybe that will touch him. We decided that his intent was not real, and that he didn't even really want an answer from God. We're hoping he comes to know the truth one day. There's that agency again. What a killer.

Well the weather is been pretty nice. People say it's super cold, but it doesn't phase me anymore. I think after being in Rexburg for a few months, I just got used to it. We actually did a lot of service this week. We raked leaves, repaired a road, and have plans to set up a Christmas booth outside of Walmart this week. And we pass out like 1,000 "He is the Gift" cards ever day. If you haven't seen the video yet, go to and share it! #HeistheGift

On Saturday we had a great meeting. It was a mission wide Spanish only conference. Elder Zwick of the Seventy came and spoke to us. He served his mission years ago in Argentina, so he had that accent going on. I thought it was funny haha. But he had a lot of great insight. He talked a lot about learning by faith and how the Lord lets us fly solo sometimes so that we can show our faith and gain experience. Well actually, that's life right there. He also talked about what the mission actually is and what it should mean to us. Basically, in the mission we learn principles that apply throughout the Eternities. Marriage 101, Leadership 101, Diligence 101, etc. All these skills and experiences will help throughout Eternity. So that was pretty cool.

So that was our week! It was pretty good. They always feel slow during the week and then the week flies by and you're like woah! But it's all good.

Have a good one!

-Elder Landon Carroll

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