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Soon to be Christmas

Dec 22, 2014

Good morning everyone, and Merry soon to be Christmas!

It's been a really fun week preparing for Christmas and spreading Christmas cheer to everyone. We did some great activities to do that.

For the first one we went and bought a bunch of muffins and cookies and put them in cute little baggies and passed them out to people in downtown Clinton with "He is the Gift" cards attached. We didn't get really any new investigators or lessons in, but it was super fun just making people's day! Half the people said "no, I'm on a diet," so that was funny.

The rest of the week we just went around wherever and passed out candy canes with the "He is the Gift" cards on them. Once again, no solid contacts (probably our fault for lack of initiative), but just a lot of fun and smiles.

As far as investigators go, we went and taught Josefina again. We taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ and really emphasized the importance of baptism by proper authority. She told us that she needs her family to come to church once (so they can approve) before she says yes. Then she said that they might even want to be part of the church as well! I was pretty satisfied with this answer. It means she does want it at least.

We also had a lesson with Chel. We talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ as well and emphasized baptism and repentance. We invited her to church, but as usual she told us that she was going to her church this Sunday. We think that has something to do with her not quite understanding the Restoration and the meaning of a "one true church." He have another appointment with her tonight, so we're hoping to address that concern. Other than that, she said she feels great about being baptized. She just doesn't quite fully understand the implications of that.

The rest of the week consisted of a lot of knocking doors. We did have success in that department, and we have a lot of return appointments set for next week. Christmas has proved to be a big success with finding. People are just a little more open this time of the year.

Let me go ahead and fill y'all in on plans for Christmas. On Christmas Eve we got invited to go spend dinner with the Lunas. They're making Tamales (which I've never had) so I'm super excited for that! On Christmas Day we're gonna go to the Tyndalls' to Skype. They don't have anything going on, so it should be nice and quiet. I actually don't mind that at all. It just brings back memories of Christmas as a kid. We would open all our presents, eat brunch, and then everyone would nap. Well, except me. I would always be playing with my toys while someone checks out the new PS2 game. Then I would just relax with all my new toys. Fun, right?

Family- I'm not 100% on time for Skyping. I would say just set up the laptop and wait till I call you, cause I don't know when it's gonna happen. But I think I'll be using an iPad or something like that, so it should all work out! Also, I got my Christmas package. I opened it up (cause I figured everything would be wrapped) and it was! Minus the shortbread cookies of course. Those are a treat! I have them sitting on my study desk and every time I eat one, I say "Get these out of my face" cause they're so addicting!

Well that was my week. We had a lot of fun this week and I'm truly grateful for this time of the year. My greatest memories are from Christmases as a kid, and I'm sure I'll form some new memories in North Carolina this year.

Have a wonderful Christmas! And don't forget the reason for the season! #HeistheGift

Con amor,

Elder Landon Carroll

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