Monday, January 19, 2015

We Got A Miracle!

January 19, 2015

God works in mysterious ways here in Clinton. With a new companion and a brand new branch president, I think we're ready to baptize this transfer. Actually scratch that, I KNOW we're ready to baptize this transfer. I'll probably be somewhere else in five weeks, so I'm hoping to make these last few weeks all worth the hard work that we've done here!

My new companion's name is Elder Fowers (not Flowers). He's from Logan, UT and has been out on his mission for a year and a half. He'll most likely die here in Clinton. He's really great and we're getting along just fine. He's just blown away by how "country" it is down here. He says that after serving in a Spanish ward in Raleigh for six months, this is a huge change. You might even say a 180.

In other news, we also got a new branch president. President Jones was in there for two years and I guess they decided that a change was needed. Change is exactly what this branch needs in order to grow again! The most growth we've had here has been from convert baptisms, and even those are mostly just from the efforts of the missionaries. We're kind of on our own here as far as missionary work. Our focus this transfer will be lighting a fire under the members and helping them achieve a level of conversion that allows them to do missionary work on their own. I think we can do it.

The miracle this week comes from Hermana J. After all of these spirit packed lessons we've taught here, she has finally decided on a baptismal date! I guess she came to the conclusion that her kids will follow her example. We've been praying for that. Even President Bernhisel has been praying for that. So she will be baptized on the 14th of February! I know she could be ready sooner, but the 14th is her mother's birthday, so it'll be special that way. The other miracle with this is how incredible her faith is! We taught her the Word of Wisdom this week as well and she has decided to live it! She's always saying "primeramente Dios" and she's proven to us and to Him that she really means that. She's had an addiction to coffee for a long time. She said if she doesn't drink coffee before bed or in the morning, she gets a headache that won't go away and she'll end up throwing up. So we gave her a blessing according to her faith and we told her we'd call her every day until our next visit. So we called her the next day and she said that she got a headache, but she took some pills and went to sleep. It's now five days later and she hasn't drunken any coffee and she no longer gets headaches! Now THAT is a miracle. She also came to church yesterday and we didn't even have to guide her or anything. She comes, finds her seat with a member she knows (or a member who takes her in) and she just rides the Spirit all the way to the end of church. This reminds me of when we taught Alberto and Max. It's the members that really made the difference in their conversion and I'm seeing that happen to J as well. She will be baptized. It's only a matter of time.

As for everything else, it's great. Missionary work is great, and it's changed me. It can change you too if you put in the effort! It's all about coming to Christ, allowing Him to change you, and then helping others receive the same blessings. Remember that. One who is truly converted to the Gospel shares the Gospel.

Thanks for all the prayers in my behalf! I love you all!

-Elder Landon Carroll

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