Monday, May 11, 2015

Are We Tired Yet?

Landon is with his mission president, President Bernhisel
May 11, 2015


This week was a tiring one. I say that because of the amount of biking and exercise we did. For example, on Friday we biked about 28 miles all throughout Durham and then into Chapel Hill. Then on Saturday we biked 6 miles to the other elders' apartment so they could drive us over to play soccer for two hours. After that, we went and biked in the heat, went up the two biggest hills in Chapel Hill (massive) twice. Then we got lost in something called Merritt's Pasture (photo attached) which is just basically this little secluded area of grass and trees on the edge of Chapel Hill. It was really interesting. We went from busy highway to calm nature. Super relaxing. We'll probably be going back there someday to actually look around. We just passed through. Isn't it beautiful though?
So after that adventure we headed back over toward Durham and taught our friends A and C. I think the doctrine is starting to bore them a little bit, so we definitely need to rethink how we teach them. C looked especially disinterested. So we had a quick lesson and then played some basketball with them. So that was fun. After that, we biked home and headed over to have dinner with Pedro. He took us to a restaurant called "Cinco de Mayo" and I ordered some flautas(taquitos) and some Chimichanga cheesecake. I was gonna get the Choco Taco, but unfortunately they were fresh out. Next time though. 

We also had the opportunity to meet with A, our Mexican gangster. He's doing well, but all lesson plans went out of the window. Part of the problem with teaching him is that we let him dictate the lessons too much. He always just brings up a concern and then we end up talking about that the whole time, without actually addressing his needs. What he really needs is the forgiveness of the Lord. He's expressed the pain that he's in and how he feels like he's running from his past, but we have not been able to address it directly. At least, not how I'd like to. So next time we'll be a little more bold so we can actually help him.

We also met with S, but all lesson plans went out the window when she didn't have a DVD player to watch the Restoration. So we ended up just reading the Book of Mormon with her and really helping her understand everything. She actually told us that it really helps when we break things down for her because she is getting older and just can't quite think like she used to. So that was actually a decent lesson. We invited her to an activity the branch is having on the 16th, so we're hoping she can bring her grandkids as well.

This week the focus will be getting people to that activity because frankly, they don't want to come to church. We're hoping that our investigators will feel a little more comfortable being in such a relaxed environment so they can meet some people. And that's where the members will come in. Hopefully we can have some great success.

And that was my week! Oh wait, the highlight. I got to talk to my family yesterday on Skype! It was really fun talking with everyone and seeing the changes that have happened at home, which aren't many, but still. I just really enjoyed it. I miss my family terribly, but I know that sacrifice brings blessings on their part and my part. And we will be together again. And for eternity.

I hope y'all have an amazing week!

Elder Landon Carroll

The following are pictures taken at Landon's Zone Conference:

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