Monday, May 18, 2015

By the mouth of two OR three witnesses...‏

May 18, 2015

Buenos dias a todos!

It's been a decent week in the Chapel Hill area. This week we've just really been working on getting the area ready for next transfer. We've got some interesting work ahead of us. Tomorrow we will be combining two areas. We usually cover mostly just Chapel Hill, but this next transfer we will be covering both Chapel Hill and southern Durham. We will also become what we call a "tripanionship" with Elder Lowham, Elder Teeples, and I in one companionship. I think it'll be super fun and it will be really nice having a full time car for a change. My thighs look really good, but you can only bike so much before it just gets monotonous.

So to prepare for this big change we have rearranged the apartment a little bit. The beds are now in the front room right when you walk into the apartment. There are three beds just sitting there right when you open the door. Think of it like a hotel...that's what it feels like. It's pretty nice, actually.

As for the investigators, we did have a little progress. We were able to teach some great lessons and we finally followed up with some potentials we had. A has peaked a little bit in her progression. She reads and loves the Book of Mormon and what we teach, but she refuses to come to church. She gives us all these excuses about how she can't be in noisy places or she gets headaches (church is not noisy. At least, ours isn't.), she has diabetes and can't sit very long, she can't drive and doesn't have transportation (members have offered her rides), and she has to watch the grandkids (bring them along! We love kids!), and she's Catholic. So we're not really sure what to do with that. I think right now we''ll work on giving her spiritual experiences and helping her gain a testimony.

We also taught our friends A and C. We read Alma 14 which is a super violent chapter, but they seem to have lost interest in what we teach. The kind of don't see the purpose. Nevertheless, our relationship is super good. We just REALLY need to meet with their parents so the whole family can partake.

Thursday we had another opportunity to eat gourmet pizza, I mean, serve Brother K. Haha, it was fun again, This time he had us weeding and mulching around some of his trees. Then we had some great pizza...a Florentine chicken one and a Philly Cheese-Steak one. The second was my favorite. Seriously, if y'all ever make your way up to Chapel Hill, Amante's Pizza is the place to go. We have not had the chance to teach Brother K, but he's getting ever more curious each time.

We have a new potential named R. Turns out his cousins are members of the church in California and he loves everything we teach. We said we could come by whenever, but e works a lot (surprise). We'll get up with him.

And here's the low down for the food I ate this week.

1. PBJ
2.Burger King
4. Pizza
5. Hamburgers and Hot dogs
6. Rotisserie Chicken\, Spaghetti, and Tortillas
7. Hot dogs wrapped in bacon
8. Carne asada and grilled chicken

And that was it! It was a good week and I'm looking forward to the new adventures ahead of us this transfer.

Have a good one!
-Elder Landon Carroll

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