Monday, May 4, 2015


 May 4, 2015

I titled it "Pizza" because of all the pizza we had this week. We had some on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. This happens a lot. Elder Lowham and I have noticed that when we crave a certain food (pizza in this case) we get an overdose of it. So now we have a box in our fridge for lunch today! What a treat!

So this week in general was full of food and service. We ate a lot of pizza, twice in one day at Wendy's, had an early mother's day feast, and got some free catering from MI Peru, a Peruvian restaurant. This was all in a good day's work, of course. 
We helped move a couple families. First, the Venturas. They didn't have much, so it only took about an hour and a half. And then they gave us pizza. And some extra for the fridge. They moved to an apartment complex called "Colonial," which just so happens to have no soliciting signs all over it. We actually already got kicked out of there. But now with the Venturas in there we have an excuse to go in and knock a few doors. The guy that kicked us out is a Mormon-hater anyway.

Wednesday I went on exchanges with Elder Brown, my district leader. It was actually super fun. And he was telling a story about him and his friends and he said "Kolian, it's your car." Then I said "Kolian? Kolian Rogers? Little Filipino kid?" Turns out his best friend was at BYU Idaho with me! We used to hang out sometimes. So that was fun seeing that little connection.

Here's an update on the Muchachos A and C. They're actually progressing decently. A especially. He reads most of what we assign him and he really enjoys the Book of Mormon. We're really just trying to meet with their parents so that we can get them all to church. I feel a miracle coming. 

Yesterday was also fun. We went to church and then afterward the Priesthood served dinner to the women. It was an early Mother's day celebration because next week is the branch anniversary. We had some oven roasted chicken, tortillas, salad (just lettuce, no dressing haha), and some flan Imposible, which is flan with chocolate cake underneath. Suuuuuper good. After that we went and helped Hermano Clemente move some things to a storage unit. Afterward we went to the restaurant he works at and got a big pan of Peruvian food. So we have enough food for like the next four days in our fridge.

Today we have plans to go to all the bike shops in town. There's like five in Chapel Hill and Elder Teeples is looking to buy a one speed just for fun. Apparently he's looking for a challenge haha.

Well that was our week. A lot of service and some good food. We're always grateful for food.

Take your allergy pills, enjoy the weather while it's still cool, and sniff a flower.

Love y'all!
-Elder Landon Carroll

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