Sunday, May 31, 2015

There's Work to Be Done

May 25, 2015

Good morning!

What a busy week it has been. With the combining of the two areas there's plenty of work to go around. In fact, there's so much work that we weren't even able to work in Chapel Hill at all. The focus this week will be finding a balance between both sides of the area so that we don't let anything slip through the cracks.

So this week we managed to teach a lot of lessons. Fifteen actually. Those include active members, less actives, recent converts, and investigators. We got a fairly good balance of each. It was especially nice finally being able to meet some of the other elders' investigators that they've told us so much about. This week we taught a man named Antonio, Lupito, Marvin and Eva, Chazz, and some other people as well. It was all pretty exciting and I really enjoyed teaching in the trio. We teach with a lot of power and clarity and the people really like us.

Unfortunately we were unable to meet with any of "our" investigators this week. We had appointments and everything, but they just all fell through. We'll make a better effort this week!

Oh...and part of the reason we were unable to meet with these people was because of all the service we did. Well, moving I should say. It's that time of year and every missionary in the U.S. is getting swamped (blessed) with opportunities to move people's furniture. Remember that talk by Elder Ballard? If you need help, ask the missionaries! Let me tell you, the people here do not hesitate. We helped move Hermano Clemente to a new apartment (actually in the same complex as us. He's feeding us on Wednesday :)) And then we helped move some more of his stuff on Saturday. And then after that we went to help move what we thought would be just a couch or something...but turned out to be a whole house. So we moved for six hours on Saturday and nearly missed our member dinner. The good news is the people we helped move are non-members and they are very interested in the church. They like what we do as missionaries and are very open to learning. And even better, they live two minutes from the church! The only bad part is that we won't be the ones to teach them. They actually moved out of our area. So we got the elders there involved and apparently they had a great talk after we left. So let's hope and pray that something happens with them. They truly are a great family.

We also had some fun experiences playing soccer with members and I accidentally dropped my Venezuelan accent at the wrong time. For those of you who speak Spanish, Venezuelans have a very distinct accent. Well, after some practice I think I've got it down. So here's the funny part. We were eating with President Sequera the branch president and his family. We were sharing our little message after dinner and we started teaching in English because they all speak mostly English. Halfway through the lesson Elder Teeples switched to Spanish. Well, I kept speaking in English and President Sequera said in Spanish "Elder, I don't understand. I don't speak English." So I switched to Spanish at that moment and spoke EXACTLY like President Sequera. It was completely unintentional. So then I stopped halfway through the lesson and looked down and everybody just stated laughing. President thought it was hilarious. He says I'm probably gonna end up on Studio C one day cause of all the voices and impersonations I do. We'll see if that actually happens.

So that was our week. I had a lot of fun and I think this will end up being one of my favorite companionship. Hopefully we can get out to Chapel Hill a little more this week.

Con mucho amor,

Elder Landon Carroll

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