Monday, July 6, 2015


June 8, 2015

The title says it all! We truly had a breakthrough in the work this week. Mainly because of the progression of our investigators.

We didn't have any baptismal dates or people at church, other than a couple of less actives, but we taught some super powerful lessons.

The lessons we taught A were especially powerful. Remember how I said last week that he just changes the subject every time we tried to actually teach him what he needs? Well we finally had a breakthrough. We testified of the Atonement and talked about baptism and he finally opened up to us. He told us that he wasn't ready for baptism, so we read him the baptismal interview questions to see what concerns he has. Turns out he wants to repent, but just really doesn't know how. So we explained a little to him and left him with a Gospel pamphlet. Then, later in the week we talked a little bit more about his situation. He says that he can't sleep because of anxiety and depression and he doesn't feel at peace with himself or with God. So we are now on the quest to help him find peace, He finally agreed to read and pray and we're setting up a church tour sometime next week.

We also found a great new investigator. His name is J and he's 23 and from Guatemala. HE crossed the border a little over a month ago and in the process his wife and kids got thrown in jail. So now he's here just living constantly in worry. He lives with a man named C who never stops talking and is obviously not as prepared as J, but we still teach them both. Actually, the first time we met them C was just blabbering about how the Catholic church is false and things like that. And while this was happening J was reading, not flipping through, the Book of Mormon. He said it teaches the same things as the Bible so it must be true. We've met with him three times so far and he says he's felt a lot of peace since talking with us. He was gonna come to church on Sunday, but he fell of a ladder on Saturday and bruised his face pretty badly, so we'll get him there next week. But he is GOLDEN. He even prayed out loud and it was super sincere. Not to mention we now have a Guatemalan family coming with us to teach him and they're planning on bringing him to there house for lessons there. Should be amazing!

We also served K again. This is the hippie with the crazy yard. And guess what....he finally has a Book of Mormon! The English elders brought it up that Christ visited the Americas and he said "that's what this is all about? Can I have a copy?" Trust is sky high right now. We plan to go over this Friday so hopefully we can strike up a nice conversation about the Book of Mormon and share the Gospel with him. That is our purpose after all.

There's some other good success stories, but I am running out of time. But that was our week! Please pray for these investigators. They need the Gospel more than anything. They need the peace that it can bring them. It's that only way for A to be happy again. That's my hope for him.

Thanks for your prayers as well! They are definitely felt out here. There are times that I just want to lay down and give up, but the thoughts of my family and the strength of the Lord keep me going.

Love y'all!

-Elder Landon Carroll

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