Monday, July 6, 2015

Some Exciting News

June 15

Good afternoon everyone!

It's super hot in this room cause the AC doesn't work, so sorry if this letter comes out a little sloppy from the rush.

So this week was very successful and FULL of miracles. In fact, we were just at Wal-Mart and a Hispanic man came up to us and asked us to come over and help him so he can quit drinking. So we set an appointment for this Saturday at 5 pm. Hopefully we can help him. Right after that, a member from one of the English wards offered to buy us we got free Subway for lunch. Tender mercy.

We had a lot of success with our investigators this week and they continue to show promising progress. We had some more progress with A. It seems like he's finally beginning to trust us enough to listen to what we have to say. I think the Spirit has something to do with that haha. It has a strange way of softening people's hearts and opening them up. A just really needs to come to understand the Atonement and let go of his sins and his past. I have faith that he can be baptized by August.

On Wednesday our plans feel through a little bit. After Zone Conference, we got a call from a less active member who asked if we could go over and help her move some furniture and do some yard work, so we threw all our other sloppy plans out the window and went over there to help her out. She's been less active basically since her teen years, so we were hoping to get in the door a little bit. Just being there and seeing how she treats her kids and even her dogs really showed how much she actually needs the Gospel in her life. You can just look at her and listen to the way she talks and just know she's not happy at all. She's living in sin and she refuses to change, but she asked us to come over, if possible, once a week to teach her kids. We're hoping to make a change in her life. She's just not happy. Oh, and before that we contacted a Honduran man who was painting a house. He was super interested in our message. We gave him the address for the church and he said he would come. On Saturday he gave us a call and said he would be coming to church and bringing a friend. Then we got to church and he didn't show up, so we gave him a call to see what was up. He said he got sick, so we're planning on visiting him later on in the week. He seems stoked to the max about it.

Friday we were able to meet with our new golden investigator named J. We had a great lesson about the Restoration and he seemed to understand everything. His talkative friend C was not there, so the environment was just perfect for a great lesson. I asked him what he would do if he came to know if the things we teach are true and he said "then I'll continue with this." My prediction is that he'll be baptized a month from now. SUPER elect.

Oh, and I forget to talk about E. We knocked on the door of a young man named E this week. It was just by chance because all of our plans had fallen through. E is 18 years old and he's been here for about three years. He came from Los Angeles. He says Durham isn't that different from LA as far as the crime goes. That makes me feel safe haha. But E is also super elect. He said that he's been searching for someone to talk to for the last two weeks and then we knocked on his door, used the gift of tongues, and then taught him a great lesson about the Atonement and the blessings of coming close to Christ. We watched a video and he said "I feel exactly like the man in that video." And then he was super excited when he got to keep the Book of Mormon. SUPER elect. He'll probably be baptized in a month and a half or so.

On Sunday in the middle of church we got a call from a man named A who lives outside of the mission. He said that he has a friend he wants to visit and had been trying to get a hold of us for two weeks. So we went with him yesterday to meet his friends and teach them a lesson. They're going through a hard time financially, so they definitely have interest in the blessings that the Gospel can bring them. Also super elect. They'll be baptized in September.

And that's it for the miracles of this week. There were probably more, but I just don't have time to type them all out! I'll keep everything updated in my journal. Oh, and some other news. President talked to me on Wednesday at zone conference and I'm getting transferred next week, And we're getting a new president next week. And.....I'm gonna be district leader wherever I'm going. So that's exciting. Maybe with the new mission president we'll finally get iPads. That'd be super nice.

Well, that was my week. Oh, and it was super hot. No biking.

Stay cool,

-Elder Landon Carroll

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