Monday, August 24, 2015

We Are Slowly Figuring This Thing Out!

August 3, 2015

Buenos dias!

This was a good week. It's definitely true to say that hard work pays off. The Lord truly does bless us as we put in our best effort.

I'm starting to get to know the members here, so that has thrown a positive spin on the work. Just knowing what you're working with out here is half the battle. Now that I'm learning the area and all the members' names, I'm able to focus a little more on blessing them. With us building member trust, we were able to receive two referrals this week! That's a blessing for sure! We went and contacted one of them and that man wasn't interesting, but it's just good to know that the members are putting in their effort. (Ricky Bobby: Ya know I saw on TV the other day they put a pig heart in a man. "Wow that's amazing." Well, he didn't live, but it's just cool to know we're trying stuff like that.) I love the members here, just as I've learned to love all the people I've served. That's the thing I love the most about my mission. I just love being able to meet so many different kinds of people, and getting to serve them is even greater.

So here's an update on our Puerto Rican family. They're doing pretty well. We had a great lesson with them on Tuesday about reading and praying and gaining a testimony of these things. They definitely want to know. They read everything we give to them. We're really just trying to help them get that answer through prayer. They gave us some Boricua popsicles and then we headed out. We tried to have a church tour with them at the new building, but that fell through. A fell asleep or something. Then he said he was coming to church, but that busted as well. Apparently his wife wasn't feeling good. We'll get the members a little more involved this week and hopefully they'll be able to come on Sunday.

Speaking of Sunday....we had church in the new building! I attached a picture of the branch in front of it. It went really well! Everything smells so new I want to eat it! Everything went smoothly and the members feel extremely blessed. That's the beauty of Hispanic culture. They're all so grateful for the blessings they receive. We could all learn a little lesson from them. It was testimony meeting and they all got up and just expressed their gratitude. The Spirit was strong and many tears were shed.

Something that I learned this week as I was reading in Doctrine and Covenants really grabbed my attention. I can't remember who said it, probably Joseph Smith or Martin Harris, but it said "It is not the work of God that is frustrated, but the work of men." I firmly believe that to be true. God has called us here to gather His elect, and we plan to work extremely hard this coming week to see what miracles we can accomplish. I know we can do it! Please keep us in your prayers!

Well, I guess I better close now, but thanks everyone for your wonderful support and for all that you do for me. It really helps me.

Take care now,

-Elder Landon Carroll

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