Friday, March 14, 2014

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

March 20, 2014

Well there isn't that much to write about. The MTC is always the same haha. We just do the same things every day, except we learn new stuff. So there isn't much to say. My Spanish gets better every day and I'm not translating as much in my head. I'm starting to just say things in Spanish instead of thinking in English and then translating. Spanish is a fun language and I'm really glad to be learning it.

We got six new Elders in our zone yesterday. They're all going to Argentina. None of them really speak Spanish at all so I'm sure they feel pretty overwhelmed. I remember my first day in the MTC like it was three weeks ago. Oh wait. It was three weeks ago. Jeez time flies here. The days are like weeks but the weeks are like days.

Some news! My itinerary came in and I leave for Raleigh on the 24th. All the Elders in my district are bummed that I'm leaving a week before them. And my companion is worried about which companionship he'll have to tag along with when I'm gone. I told him not to even worry about it and he's like "I am worried!" Oh well. Life goes on and you get new companions. No big deal.

The devotional this week was by Elder Don L. Clark of the Seventy. He was super good and really quirky. He talked about learning to love the people that you teach. He said that the people will know if you love them or not by the way you smile, how you teach. They'll be able to tell if you're treating them like a person or a number. So that's something I'll definitely have to work on when I get out in the field....soon.

Well that's about it as far as the MTC experience goes. Let me know if anything extraordinary happens. I know life is boring back home, and frankly, it sounds boring based on the letter you send me, Just the same old, same old haha. I love being a missionary and a representative of Christ. I'm growing so much and learning so much. I pray for most of you every day so no need to worry. Love you all.

Until next week,

Elder Carroll

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